The type of student that FAILS my class.



The following links represent audio & video speeches, lectures, interviews and television programs designed to enhance your learning experience. 


For my students, please note that where you see an * , it is important that you listen to or watch this presentation for purposes of exam preparation. 

A Short Lesson on Government Regulation - chapter 3

John F. Kennedy Defends Income Tax Cuts* REQUIRED - Micro and Macro Chapters 2, 5 and Macro ch. 13

Ronald Reagan on Income Tax Cuts* REQUIRED - Micro and Macro - Chapters 2, 5 & Macro ch. 13

Walter Williams - Defender of Freedom - Chap. 2

Milton Friedman and the Power of Choice - Ch. 2

Ayn Rand - In Defense of Capitalism Ch. 2

Milton Friedman Defends Capitalism* -   Chapter 2

Ronald Reagan - A Time for Choosing - Chapters 2 & 3

Milton Friedman and Libertarian Economics - Chapters 2 & 3

Liberty and Economics - ch. 2

A Debate with Marxist Economist, Dr. Charles Rock at Rollins College - chapters 2 & 3

Why the French are Leaving France - Chapter 3

Are American Teachers Underpaid? Chapters 4 & 5

Supply, Demand, and The Drug War* REQUIRED VIEWING Chapter 8


Drug Legalization in Europe* REQUIRED VIEWING Chapter 8

The High Cost of "Free" Healthcare - The Health Care Chapter

A Man Who Understands Government Healthcare

The Economics of Health Savings Accounts

How Capitalism Improves Healthcare

The Foolishness of Keynesian Economics* - Macro chapter 12

The Pervasiveness of Greed*

Greed and Civilization*

Greed and The Economic Pie*

REQUIRED FOR ONLINE MICROECONOMICS - Productivity and Cost at Lincoln Electric*  Chapter 10

The Economics of Global Warming -REQUIRED - Chapter 1

Stupid in America - chapters 4 &5

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