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Recommended Viewing for students of economics - updated November 16, 2022 8:22AM


Students: The following links represent Speeches, lectures, interviews and television programs designed to enhance your learning experience.

The Economics of "free" college

The Curse of Alexander Hamilton, May 2012, Foundation for Economic Education

2003 Debate with Marxist professor Charles Rock at Rollins College

John F. Kennedy tax cut speech 1962

Ronald Reagan tax cut speech 1985

Is Sweden a Socialist country?

Calculating the price elasticity of demand

Changes in Supply and Demand

Where Prices come from - lecture by Jack Chambless

Productivity and Cost Analysis

Labor Economics

Introduction to Macroeconomics

Aggregate Demand & Supply Analysis

Introduction to Macroeconomics - Ch.10

The Commanding Heights

Hayek vs. Keynes part I

Hayek v. Keynes part II

John Stossel speech at Valencia College

A Conversation between to "Liberals"

Short speech on the proper role of government in a free society

How to teach children about trade, markets and capitalism

This short lecture will help you understand the concept of Production functions and the Law of Diminishing Returns

To close out chapter one we look at U.S. oil policy in Iran and how it has created outcomes that few saw coming.

This lecture addresses what happens when two parties engage in a transaction where a third party is harmed

Some people are paid a little but feel they are paid a lot. Others are paid a lot but feel like they are paid little. This section of chapter 12 explains why...

"I, Smartphone" - Chapters 2 & 3

The Economics of Social Welfare spending -- Chapter 4

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