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Recommended Websites

Websites devoted to liberty, economics and education- updated February 10, 2021


Jack Chambless Blog 

John Stossel videos - On Youtube you can find dozens of useful economics clips from his 'Both Sides of the Issue' series

Johan Norberg 'Dead Wrong' Series - Mr. Norberg tackles some of the greatest myths in economics - especially as it pertains to "Socialism" in Scandinavian countries.   

The Foundation for Economic Education - If you are a student you should try to attend one of the seminars here.

Are you an Austrian? - an important quiz to gauge your understanding of markets.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute 

The Fraser Institute  

Americans for Fair Taxation - The way to zero percent income tax.

Florida Parent Educators Association - How to become a home-school parent in Florida

The Tax Foundation

Ladies of Liberty Alliance

The Woodson Center

Walter Williams article archive

Young Americans for Liberty

Liberty Matters News Service

The Bureau of Labor Statistics - For your research on unemployment and inflation

Inflation calculator - How to know how much __$ back then is worth now.

The Tax Policy Center

The Liberty Tree - a bookstore for lovers of freedom

Libertarian Quotes

The Heartland Institute - A free market think tank in Chicago

National Constitution Center

The Friedrich Hayek Scholar's Page

Center for small government - Stop eminent domain abuse


The Cato Institute - A free market think tank - many great essays can be read here!

Useful Economics - is a nice website to answer many economics questions.

Library for Economics and Liberty

The Heritage Foundation - A terrific source for papers on free market economics.

The Castle Coalition - an organization devoted to the protection of private property

Milton & Rose Friedman Foundation

The Free State Project - Meet us in New Hampshire!

Thomas Sowell home page

The Institute for Humane Studies

The Library of Economics and Liberty

The University of Chicago Economics Department 

George Mason University Economics Department - Where I recommend that all of my best economics students go....

Miss Liberty - for books and movies on liberty

The Claremont Institute

HomeschoolWorld - For good information on how to help your child get a real education

Capitalism Magazine

The Institute for Justice 

The Ludwig Von Mises Institute - An Austrian Economics think tank  - More from the Austrian School of Economics                                                                  

The Objectivist Center

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